Who are we?

OC Care is a family-owned company located in North Jutland, 25 km northwest of Aalborg. Since 2018, we have developed organic cultivation methods and a sustainable, circular, and high-tech production concept called Envision, together with our skilled partners.

The story about us

In December 2017, OC Care ApS, formerly Organic Cannabis Care ApS, received permission from the Danish Medicines Agency to produce medical cannabis under the Danish development scheme.

At OC Care, we manufacture medical cannabis. In addition, we develop new cannabis varieties and organic cultivation practices to produce cannabis products, particularly for patients with cancer, chronic pain, arthritis, and other inflammatory conditions, autoimmune diseases, stress, and depression.

Specifically, we focus on developing varieties with broad chemical profiles so that patients achieve the beneficial entourage effect (read more). Our holistic approach to the cultivation, development, and manufacture of medical cannabis ensures patients an incredibly high-quality medical and sustainable product that delivers the same effect every time.

Fully controlled cultivation environments

At OC Care, we produce our plants in closed and 100% controlled environments. This means that we control all growth parameters down to the smallest detail. Using our climate management system, we can ensure that the plants get exact and the optimal temperature 24 hours a day. The same goes for relative humidity, light intensity, and light spectrum.

We are currently developing our cultivation practice based on the science and research of photosynthetic efficiency. We are close to finding the best method for the most optimal growth conditions.

OC Care's organic production

In OC Care, we grow our plants with organic practices and certified organic products. These products are approved for organic use in Denmark and in the EU. This is part of our DNA, and we know that the organic method ensures products of the highest quality.

Nature and its symbiosis have evolved over millions of years through evolution. In our organic production, we utilize some of these microscopic mechanisms and symbioses to create the best possible product. We do this, among other things, by adding microorganisms and beneficial fungi to our organic cultivation medium, which helps and protects the plants.

This promotes the natural production of plant hormones and increases the secondary metabolism in the plants, which results in the plants producing more cannabinoids, terpenoids, and flavonoids, which have a remarkably beneficial effect for patients and consumers.

Our core values

Become wiser about our core values and what we strive for by reading more here.

Organic DNA

Ecology is part of our DNA. With experience in organic farming since 1993, we know that a natural product is a better and healthier product for humans, animals, and nature. We have seen with our own eyes how pesticides and other toxins destroy biodiversity in nature.

We are convinced that the long-term consumption of pesticides in today’s conventional food production has a very detrimental effect. Not only on nature’s animal and plant life but also on humans.

Focus on quality and continuity

In our world, there are no compromises or patchwork solutions. For us, only the best is good enough. Using high-tech equipment, we will monitor and perfect the growth conditions of our medical cannabis, which ensures standardization of our production. Quality control of our finished products is one of the essential activities in our company.

Furthermore, we are currently developing innovative processing methods, which means that after 72 to 96 hours after harvest, we can have a ready-to-sell product of higher quality. This method also induces longer shelf life and less degradation of the active substances in cannabis than products processed with the techniques commonly used in the industry today.

We are fighting for a sustainable future

At OC Care, we want to help ensure a better future for future generations. That is why sustainability is a keyword for us. In our production, we use exclusively green energy.

We are constantly thinking about integrating circular, sustainable, and innovative solutions into OC Care. We also have a strong focus on recycling resources and waste sorting.

We believe in compassion and responsibility

We have a clear goal of helping patients improve their quality of life and give them a better everyday life with profit and zest for life. This we will do by producing world-class medical cannabis and through future initiatives making life easier for patients.

We will take responsibility for patients and actively participate in their healing process through CSR projects in the future.

A transparent company

It is essential for us that patients can see how we grow and manufacture our products because we know that they have a great interest in knowing what they are consuming. Therefore, we want to involve the patients and show them how we produce world-class organic and medical cannabis and tell the story of the plants’ progress through production from cutting to finished product.