What do we look for in a potential partner?

Synergy in values

We do not want to compromise our values. Therefore, there need be a synergy between the potential partners’ values and ours to be considered.

Driven by innovation

We are constantly striving to think outside of the box and launch new initiatives that will ultimately provide the best overall experience for the patients who make use of our products. Therefore, we also want our partners to be innovative and changeable so that we together can create new opportunities for growth and development of our companies.

Passion and perfection

We are looking for partners who are passionate about creating the best product in collaboration with Organic Cannabis Care.


We believe that partnerships help to strengthen and improve Organic Cannabis Care.

In our firm, we fully believe that through partnerships we can continually improve Organic Cannabis Care. We believe that collaboration and communication both generate value for us, for our partners and for the patients who require our products.

In Organic Cannabis Care we are interested in collaborating with other companies, educational institutions, health professionals, and patient associations.