Work with OCC

In Organic Cannabis Care ApS we are currently looking for dedicated and qualified employees. If you would like to be part of the team, we would like to hear from you. As a part of Organic Cannabis Care, you will help build a business in a fast-growing industry with many challenges, but also many opportunities. You will come to work with our partners from all over the world, and in this connection, you may be sent on “study trips” abroad to learn from our partners. Therefore, it is important that you are curious and ready to quickly acquire new knowledge. Together with your colleagues, you must solve issues interdisciplinary, be creative and innovative, in order to ultimately produce the best product for the patients. The best about being a part of the Organic Cannabis Care team is that you will help a lot of patients increase their quality of life and improve their everyday lives.

In order to be considered for the positions we are looking for, please submit a motivated application as well as your resume. Upon application, you will receive a confirmation that your application has been sent. We will contact all applicants as the vacancies will be filled.

Product manager

We are looking for a perfectionist product manager who is responsible for managing the cannabis operation.

As a product manager, you will be responsible for quality control of our medical cannabis, and ensuring compliance with GMP (manufacturing practices) to ensure our patients always receive a standardized product. This implies that you must sample the medical cannabis and make sure that there is a minimal waste on processing. You will also be in charge of the contact between Organic Cannabis Care and the Medicines Agency, and be responsible for applying for permission from the Danish Medicines Agency related to various activities in the company.

To be considered for the job you must:

  • Have passed a university degree of minimum 4 years duration in pharmacy, medical science, pharmaceutical chemistry and technology, chemistry or biology.
  • Have received basic education in general and inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, analytical chemistry, pharmaceutical chemistry, general and applied biochemistry (medical), physiology, microbiology, pharmacology, pharmaceutical technology, toxicology and pharmacognosy.
  • Have practical experience in the areas of production, quality assurance or quality control of cannabis products or medicines for at least 2 years.

Greenhouse gardener

We are looking for an experienced and curious gardener who is looking for new challenges. To be considered for the job, you must be familiar with GACP and have experience managing climate and irrigation systems, as well as planning workflows. It is important that you are organized and punctual, as production must always be uniform and standardized. It’s a plus if you have previous experience with organic production.

Sales and Marketing Assistant

We are looking for a creative sales and marketing assistant with a flair for graphic design as well as online and social media marketing. You must be outgoing and able to solve many different tasks. It is important that you are good at English and a big plus if you are good at German. We are also willing to take interns in this position where there will be guaranteed jobs if the internship has been satisfactory.

Office assistant

We are looking for an organized and independent office assistant with an interest in law. You must be structural and pay attention to detail. As an office assistant in Organic Cannabis Care, your tasks will include accounting, budgeting, and purchasing. You will also be involved in the future establishment and investment plans, and participate in meetings with investors. We are also willing to take interns in this position where there will be guaranteed jobs if the internship has been satisfactory.