About OCC

Organic Cannabis Care ApS is a family-owned company founded in 2017. On December 15, 2017, Organic Cannabis Care was approved to cultivate medical cannabis by the Danish Medicines Agency.

Our goal is to produce 100 percent organic medical cannabis. Therefore we don’t use pesticides or other supplements, which are not certified for organic use in the cultivation of our medical cannabis. The cultivation of the medical cannabis is going to take place in a closed and controlled environment in modern growth facilities. We will use the latest technology on the market to cultivate world-class medical cannabis. For us, it is essential that the patients receive the same product every time. Therefore, we strive to limit deviations to the content of active substances in our products, so patients feel the same effect and relief of our medical cannabis products.

Our core values

Become wiser in our core values and what we strive to achieve, by continuing reading.

Organic DNA

Being organic is part of our DNA. With 22 years of experience in organic farming, we know that a natural product is a better and a healthier product. We have witnessed how pesticides and other toxins destroy biodiversity in nature. We believe that the high use of pesticides in today’s conventional food production in the long term has a very harmful effect. Not only on nature’s animal and plant life but also on humans. In our world, it is obvious that not using pesticides in the production of medical cannabis. We know there are far better and more sustainable alternatives. Therefore, all we use for the manufacture of the medical cannabis will also be organic products that are approved for organic use.

Focus on quality and continuity

In our world, there are no such things as compromises or patches. For us, it’s only the best that is good enough. Using high-tech equipment we will monitor and perfection the growth conditions for our medicinal cannabis plants. We also want to prioritize quality control of our finished products. In this way, we will ensure that the medical cannabis product chosen by you and your physician for your treatment is standardized, has the same effect and is always of very high quality.

We believe in compassion and responsibility

We have a clear goal to help patients improve their quality of life. We will do this not only by providing world-class medical cannabis products but also by means of future initiatives that will make life easier for patients. We will take responsibility for patients and actively participate in their healing process through CSR projects.

We fight for a sustainable future

In Organic Cannabis Care we want to help secure a better future for coming generations. Therefore sustainability is a keyword for us. From the outset, we will use green energy to provide our production 100 percent. Similarly, we will have a major focus on recycling and waste sorting.

A Transparent company

It is incredibly important for us that patients can easily understand the processes in our production and we know they have a lot of interest in what they are consuming. Therefore, we would like to share with our patients what we do to produce world-class medical cannabis and tell the story of the plant’s progress through production from clone to the finished product.